FF VII – The path to Advent Children

When I first played FF…

I did it because I thought it would be awesome to play every single Final Fantasy game from 1 to 14. I don’t remember how I got into FF, but without much thinking this game became a part of my life. First I played FFX, then FFIII, FIV and more recently FFVII, and I became so touched by its story that I followed the entire Compilation of FFVII media. I must say this is a great story. Therefore, if there is a pinnacle of the FFVII world I must say ADVENT CHILDREN is a must see for any fan of FFVII, but of course the prequel games and the short novels are important too.

So, in order to educate yourself and fully understand the movie “Advent Children Complete”, I think this is the recipe for such a task (and by “Advent Children Complete” I am referring to the special edition released in 2009)

  1. – Fully complete Final Fantasy VII (1997) – There a lot of walkthroughs out there and since this game is more than 15 years old, 100% completion of the game is granted.
  2. – Fully complete Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (CC)– This one is by far the best PSP game I have ever played, I think they made a great job in introducing the Zack character with a different personality than of Cloud’s. There are a lot of references here to Final Fantasy VII (1997), and you could say that this is the completion of the first game.

(OPTIONAL). – Play Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII – Since this is the first chronologically game in the series, this is a game which its story is on side with Crisis Core. but ultimately does not play a major role in the games and the more is most available on Japanese so if you want to practice your Japanese skills or know about the Turks past (Specially the story of Essai and Sebastian T_T), you can give this a try.

  1. – Read the series of novels “One The Way To Smile”. – Those tell the events depicted between the 2 years gap between FF VII (1997) and Advent Children. There a lot of translated copies on the web so this a must-read to understand the events in the movie.
  2. – Finally, only when you have finished the previous steps… you can watch Advent Children Complete (2009) and have an absolutely astonishing time.

(OPTIONAL). – Lastly, play Dirge of Cerberus. This is the final chronological game released in the compilation and follows the cool character Vincent Valentine and his past. Like Before Crisis, it expands the FFVII universe and acts as a sequel/spin-off of the original game. I recommend to watch the secret ending because well… spoilers.

That being said, I will put my favorites scenes of the movie so spoilers territory is advised ahead.


Final Fantasy VII 10This re-made shot from Sephiroth was showed in CC. I am glad they included the same version of the madness of the character.

Final Fantasy VII 11Well… not everything is happiness and fun in the game. This scene is the best middle finger to Aeris Fans and I hope in the remake they keep her alive for good, or at least make her last more than one disc O_O

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This is one scene that I didn’t notice at first, you see a wolf near the resting place of the legendary buster sword. Well I thought “it” was the presence of Zack or maybe the sorrow of Cloud. But after giving some thinking to it, I realized that it may be Aeris herself in the form of a wolf, you see it always following Cloud in the cliff, Church, Forgotten City, etc. The regret of Cloud is mirrored in the wolf and as Aeris says that she never blamed Cloud, he seems to move on again.

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The scene of the church is very nostalgic. If you have played Crisis Core you will feel how the time has passed since Zack found Aeris there (or maybe the contrary because she first found him collapsed there). The background music from the scene is Tifa’s song and even if you can’t see Aeris, it’s like her presence is present all over the place.

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I am glad they included some scenes from On the Way to a Smile: Case of Denzel, I strongly recommend to give a read to the whole stories, because they expand and explain the events prior to the movie. In particular Denzel, he really has an awesome backstory. You see in the movie how he came to Cloud and you will be glad he found happiness at the end considering the hell of life he got to live.

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I must confess that I cried when I finished CC, seriously that ending was really heartbreaking. That’s why he is one of my favorite game characters ever. Most of the scenes are from CC and not to mention the scene when he gives Cloud his legacy, it’s great that the director included Zack scenes on the movie.

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Cloud is still living with regret, that’s why he got geostigma. Aeris console him like a kid and tells him that is about time he did the forgiving, Cloud finally realize it and start fighting again. This part really taught me a lot of things because in a way I am like Cloud, unwilling to leave the past and live with regrets and sorrow, however at the end what is most important is to set ourselves free from that and keep moving forward in order to not keep hurting not only ourselves but the people who we love and care for us.

Final Fantasy VII 17

Vincent Valentine, as always badass and strong. You can explore more of the character on Dirge of Cerberus.

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The whole party is gathered again, and they kick ass (Bahamut) like they always do. This is quite the show since they are updated versions of the original game. I got a big laugh when I first listened to Barret’s voice. ¿Da hell you been Cloud?

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The final showdown with Sephiroth, likewise the character version in CC he is completely enveloped in darkness and madness, a truly worthy opponent for Cloud. It’s a relief he got Zack’s presence to give him support and confidence. “Stay where you belong… in my memories”.

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The ending of the movie was the only part that I fully understand the very first time I saw it. After that, I did a lot of research and here I am writing about it. I must confess that I always get the feelings when I see Aeris, and the scene where she is spotted with Zack in the background really got me (the second time I watched it), because I had played CC and knew the story of both. This final scene is what the whole game has been developing so far, Redemption for the things that were done wrong in the past. Cloud finally left his inner demons and started to move forward again, he got his friends and as Aeris told him: “You see..everything is alright”.. he finally understood that he is not alone anymore.



Kyoukai no Kanata

“Basically, I love the bespectacled Kuriyama-san!”

-Akihito to a Bespectacled Beauty-

My first impression about this anime was that it was following the cliched-way many anime nowadays are pursuing. Well I can’t say that now I discard such words, but what really got my attention was this girl “Mirai”, in simple words she was the pure definition of the type of girl who is kinda hiding something and insecure, well at the beginning it was like that for me.

Kyoukai no Kanata 9 “Yeah, Yeah, I’m hated  everywhere I go”

And not that I can blame her, this anime really tries to keep you well humored sometimes. And then she met this guy “Akihito”. You wonder: how can I not see it coming?(Sorry Quicksilver I am going to counter your quote from Age of Ultron), in fact since the very first episode they met in a very weird way.

Kyoukai no Kanata 24“Think you could at least do something about this sword”

Opps “SPOILER ALERT”(sry). How in the world can you met someone this strange and live afterwards?. Well Akihito sure know that since the whole anime is his story with Mirai, but at least he sure know how to pick up very weird hot girls. I won’t bother to say the whole times I found this anime really cliche ( well i guess this is something I can’t avoid anymore, since I watched the folks at “CINEMASINS” I can’t watch any show without that guy voice in my head saying: ” Something Ex Machina”, so please If you ever watch their videos which are in youtube btw, take this in consideration…anyway..), but I seemed to have watched this at a moment in my life that I was really trying to get over some things that in some way or another were really causing pain in my soul.

Kyoukai no Kanata 23“I thought it’d be easier in a dream but it’s harder than I expected”

Sometimes I found myself wondering. Is it possible to met someone like that?, I mean someone who will give up everything…even life in order to save your ass. Well I don’t know how statistics show this matter, but I can guess that maybe the chances are below 10 or 5 percent. What really this anime shows is the very classy story about two people who meet each other and in the first one of them is not interested in the other, but while the story takes progression he or she finally realize the feeling of love, but is late because something have to be acting as an obstacle for them to be together. In fact, this is the very premise of many stories I’ve seen so far. I can say that the very first anime related with this topic I watched was DN Angel, it was great!! and very lovely ( I will definitively have to write a review of it).

Kyoukai no Kanata 31 “it’s too late to hit the brakes!”

But if I have say something that differences this anime from the others is this girl Mirai, watching her changes in the whole story is that keep you from not erasing it from your PC. Well at least, it was for me like that I cannot say the same will happen to everybody. Maybe we have a perspective of how we see things each unique and and the same time similar to others. What may be good for some people, it may be a total disaster for others. And in that I guess is when people can experience the word “opinion”.

Kyoukai no Kanata 14“I just have the worst luck imaginable!, and all I can do is complain about it in my blog!”

I am with you Mirai!, in my case apart from complaining in my blog I complain in Facebook, Watssap and Youtube!. Overall this anime is wort watching, it uses topics such as: Regret, Love, Loneliness, Revenge, Friendship, etc. If you ever have some grudge in your life and maybe you need some advice about it, well this anime way be a good recommendation. To let go of the past is essential if you want to keep moving forward and create new memories, if not well I just have a word for you. =^.^=

Kyoukai no Kanata 13“Fuyukai Desu!”